Garrus Vakarian

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The Godfather (1972) - dir. Francis Ford Coppola (requested by anonymous)

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AU where Harry is brought up by Sirius and Remus.

Harry swaggering into Hogwarts at age 11.
Harry trying to lean back in his chair like he’d seen Sirius do.
Harry knowing all the secret passage ways in his very first year itself.
Harry knowing the perfect hexes for Malfoy.
Harry pretending to be really embarrassed by Remus teaching them in 3rd year, but secretly feeling delighted when he finds the rest of his class thinks he’s the coolest teacher they’ve had.
Harry getting howlers from Sirius announcing the next Weird Sisters concert.
Harry fiercely defending werewolves.
And most importantly, Harry who is happy and loved. Harry who has someone to go home to. Harry who has someone to talk about his teenage woes to. Harry who grew up knowing what wonderful, brave people his parents were.

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